New iPhone 4G / HD screen resolution 960 x 640

iPhone 4G Screen Resolution 960x640

iPhone 4G Screen Resolution 960x640

As WWDC 2010 gets closer more and more details about Apple’s next iPhone 4G / HD are being uncovered.

Today claimed that they had obtained the next iPhone 4G / HD  screen parts and examined it under a microscope to find out the exact screen resolution. They confirmed that new iPhone 4G / HD features a 960×640 screen resolution and supports an IPS panel. This new screen resolution quadruples the total number of pixels when compared to iPhone 3GS and would make rescaling the apps which you have already purchased an easy task.

These claims certainly seem to be a good proof however, we would still need to wait for the official confirmation on June 7.

[ via Engadget]


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  1. m3kw

    Is “HD” to eyes if the screen is that small! but not HD's real definition i guess, but who cares. 1080p on a 100inch screen would look pixelated but is it hd? yes and no

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