First iPhone 4G / HD Protective Rubber Case? (Video)

iphone 4g case

iphone 4g case

Earlier this month we reported that iPhone accessory maker had started advertising and taking pre-orders for the ‘iPhone 4G’ case and now another case manufacturer Gumdrop Cases has started the production of iPhone 4G case and now mailing samples to tech sites.

The iPhone 4G case manufacturer recently mailed the cases to and in a news report they said that the company based the case design on “specifications provided by inside sources in the plastics industry” and the iPhone 4G features leaked by Gizmodo and a Vietnamese blog. Gumdrop Cases confirmed that they did not receive the specifications for the iPhone 4G / HD case from Apple.

Its overall form factor is slightly more square than the current iPhone. The case also fits awkwardly around the current iPhone: The holes for the audio/silent switch, volume button, power button and microphone jack don’t line up. The camera hole is slightly too large, giving enough room for a camera flash

The iPhone accessory market is very competitive and has often leaked specifications about Apple’s future products. By announcing the availability and producing the first iPhone 4G case Gumdrop Cases aims to gain first mover advantage and supply the initial demand.


iphone 4g case 2


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