Pre-Order ‘iPhone 4GS’ Case. Another iPhone 4G Parts Video

iphone4gs case

iphone4gs case

iPhone accessory makers in China have often managed to get detailed specifications about Apple’s next mobile device and offered accessories before the product launch. New product launches create a huge demand and thus offers a great opportunity for accessory  companies to gain first mover advantage and supply the initial demand. is one the largest iPhone accessories trading companies in Asia and they recently sent out an email to their customers about pre-ordering the new iPhone 4GS cases. The iPhone 4GS case design is clearly based on the leaked prototype images of iPhone 4G / HD which have been published by Gizmodo and Vietnamese website.

We have probably seen enough evidence of the new iPhone 4G however, new videos and images continue to appear as WWDC 2010 gets closer. today reported that one of their readers bought the iPhone 4G / HD parts in China and then delivered it to them. They further said:

Are those parts genuine? We can not know but we can tell for sure those parts are perfect, have no defects, not faulty at all, there is not even one single difference between the 2 copies we have.

Even though the genuineness of these parts cannot be confirmed, it bears a strong resemblance to videos and images reported earlier. The video shows parts of the new iPhone 4G / HD.

iPhone 4G / iPad Side-by-Side


iPhone 4G parts

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