iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit Review

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[rating: 4.5/5]

iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit Review: I’ve always been happy with the camera on the iPhone 4. OK, its never going to compare to a digital or SLR camera but as a point and click camera that you will always have with you it does a great job.

However, everything cam be improved upon right so that is why I splashed out $35 for a iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit from www.photojojo.com. With 48 hours my parcel from Photojojo had arrived and I excitedly opened it.

It appears that Photojojo took inspiration from Apple in their packaging which is very stylish, simple and effective. The black box opens up to reveal the contents and there are quite a few pieces for your $35. The package contains the following items:-

  • iPhone 4 Case with lens attachment
  • Long focal lens
  • Tripod
  • iPhone holder
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Bag

iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit Review-3

One of the reason I went for this kit was the fact that it came with a tripod that would fit the iPhone included in the price and the iPhone holder and tripod fit together well allowing both vertical and horizontal picture taking.

Before placing your iPhone 4 into the tripod though you’ll need to fit into the provided case. The case is a simple black case that protects the back and sides of the iPhone allowing full access to all the buttons and connectors. There’s not protection for the front of the case so if you are that way inclined you’ll need a screen protector for your phones screen.

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The major difference between this case and any other case you may have owned before is the adaptor that surrounds the camera lens that enables you to screw the long focal lens to your iPhone. The lens screws into the adaptor easily and securly providing a good, sturdy, solid fit and it it feels secure as you use it either in the tripod or held in the hand.

The included tripod works very well and is well made considering its bargain price and it’s easy to clip and unclip you iPhone in and out of it. With the lens attached you iPhones camera provides 8x magnification and it produces some great results both at taking close up shots of far away objects and of long distance views.

iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit Review-2

I’ve been using the lens all day today with some great results. The first opportunity was some great close up shots of my children playing. Usually I would need to be right up close to them to get decent pictures but with the 8x optical zoom I was able to sit back at relax while they played. After that I headed outside to take some long shots and again the results were excellent. Use of the manual focus is required to get the strongest results but thanks to the strong connection to the iPhone case this is easily done.

Just as when using the iPhone camera on it’s own lighting is all important, this is emphasized however when using the lens as it covers the flash making it unusable.

iPhone 4 Telephoto Lens Kit Review-1

What makes this simple attachment even better is the customer service that is provided by Photojojo. Beyond the speedy delivery the invoice is full of cute remarks including the ‘OMG, Craig! Your Photojojo goodies are heeeeeere!’ header and the rather bizarre inclusion of a small plastic dinosaur in the packaging takes the service from a good one to a great one with a wonderful attention to detail.

Not only am I very happy with the little camera attachment that upgrades my good iPhone 4 camera to a great one but added to that the great service I can highly recommend adding this Photojojo to your favorites list.



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