iPhone 4 Review Units Reveal Glass Case Scratches

iPhone 4 Scratch

iPhone 4 Scratch

Engadget are reporting that one of their writer’s iPhone 4 is showing some scratching on its back panel. iFixit’s Teardown of the iPhone 4, and subsequent analysis confirmed that the iPhone’s font panel is made of “Gorilla Glass”. But they were not able to confirm if the back of the iPhone 4 is made from the same material.

Engadget don’t say how the scratches happened. But I’ll bet that any device, from any manufacturer, slid across a desk, or put in a pocket with some keys will scratch. Period.

Now, for sure we don’t like to see our new toys getting scratched. But is it really a big deal that a reviewer’s iPhone has ended up with a couple of scratches on its back panel? Are we getting too picky about our devices these days? Or shock, horror, could Engadget be looking for page views with a first report of a contentious issue?

Unless Apple makes these things out of pure diamond, then we’re going to see some scratching. And to be honest it’s going to take a few more reports like this, from people who are a little more careful with their devices to get me too worried.

Of course if you’re really worried about scratching you can always buy an Apple iPhone 4 Bumper. I know any new iDevice I buy gets a cover on day one.

Is a little scratching a big deal? Let us know your view in the comments.



2 Comments on “iPhone 4 Review Units Reveal Glass Case Scratches”

  1. Joe

    The same scratch on standard glass would be of greater concern. The Gorilla Glass used on the iPhone will prevent the scratch from becoming a larger crack. It may look scratched, but it is in much better shape than if it were to be found on a standard glass cover. And plastic would get scratched by nearly anything.

  2. Nrmr44

    Is a little scratching a big deal?

    It is, if the aesthetics of the device is going to be of Apple standards. On any other product ….. who cares?

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