Why I’ll be in Line for an iPad

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Since Apple’s launch of it’s ‘revolutionary device’ last week there has been much debate about it’s features, looks and especially it’s name on websites, blogs, twitter and the traditional press. Some of it positive, but a lot of it negative, it doesn’t multi-task, it doesn’t handle flash, it looks like a big iPhone to name but a few so why will I be lining up to get one on it’s launch date.

Let’s deal with those negative points first as those are the ones that seem to be repeatedly churned out as the reason why the iPad won’t succeed.

1. It Doesn’t Multi-task – When I’m at work I have to multi-task. I have more work to do than there are hours in the week so not only do I need to multi-task but I also need a computer that will too. If every time I checked my email at work my Google Chrome, Excel, Word and other applications closed down I would become extremely frustrated and possibly see my computer flying across my cubicle before the froth on my Cappachino had dissolved.

However, when I’m relaxing at home I don’t want to multi-task, I want to relax and to be honest the only things that I’m going to be doing is check my email, Twitter, Facebook, a little surfing, watch some TV and that’s it, and none of those tasks is important enough to demand that. And if we consider that the benefit of not multi-tasking is a level of speed and responsiveness not matched by any other product I’m sold.

2. There’s No Flash – Isn’t it always the way that it’s the things we can’t have we want the most and it’s no different with Flash on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. OK, so without flash you are restricted from accessing some pretty good content, but seriously, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. And with the uptake of HTML5 that will enable the rendering of various addon’s without the need for them to be installed on your weapon of choice it will soon be irrelevant anyway.

3. It Looks Like a Big iPhone/iPod Touch – Big deal, so it looks like one of the most iconic products of the last 4 years, if it’s not broke why fix it?

In fact all of the negative remarks I’ve heard about the iPad are the same ones that can be leveled at the iPhone and iPod touch and the last time I looked it hasn’t held them back at all.

4. And then there’s the name, the iPad. OK, I don’t have an argument on this one. We all know what it sounds similar to but most of us aren’t 12 anymore so after we’ve all had our little chuckle we should get over it. I would have preferred iSlate but it’s not a big enough deal to not want one.

The reasons I will be buying one are as follows:-

1. It’s already compatible with my original investment of all the apps that I’ve brought for my iPod Touch.
2. It will take up considerably less room than my laptop.
3. It will ‘boot’ much quicker than my laptop or any alternate tablet PC that has to load a whole OS.
4. It looks great.
5. Easy access to music, books, apps, games (as long as you sign up to the iTunes Store).
6. Newspapers and Magazines in an electronic form but that you can still hold in your hand.
7. The price.

The current US price range’s are so aggressive it makes it possible for a lot of people to buy one who aren’t even 100% fully sold on it yet and with the choice of Wifi only or Wifi/3G customer gets options as to what is right for you. For me the Wifi only will be more than enough.  I don’t plan to take it out and about with me, I have a cell phone for that so I personally will only need it to access my local wifi. And even the 3G option requires no contract which is a great step forward.

I can’t wait for iPad 2.0, but while I wait the iPad 1.0 will just about hit the spot.

By: Craig Willis

One Comment on ““Why I’ll be in Line for an iPad”

  1. Michael Murdock

    What's really funny for me is everyone had a pre-conceived notion of what the Apple Tablet would be. They created so many mock-ups, so much expectation and now they're disappointed. Well sometimes when you create so much without checking in with the source, you end up disappointed. In reality nobody was fixed on the same vision which is probably why it did not turn out as they wanted.

    I am already planning what to install on my iPad when I get it. Will I get just wireless? Nope. Waiting on the 3G version. Why? Because this product was only announced. It's not a finished product and Apple can change its mind in mid excitement and add some other things to it. Am I disappointed that it does not have every gadget that everyone else wanted it to have? No. Because I know what the fit for this product is and I have no desire to carry a generator around to power all of those things. They all take juice and having a flexible typing surface…not without a solar array that charges it every second you have your hands off of it. You think people complain about low power now with the iPhone? They'd be screaming with a 20 minute power max with something like what they were dreaming of. Find a way to power it, Apple will probably build it.

    The ones who are irked are those that created the false expectations. What should really happen is everyone who was led astray by some magazine or website should unsubscribe from that site and come sign up at http://www.docmurdock.com right away. I want to be giving you the straight story and ensuring your expectations are set correctly.

    And personally I can't wait until the iPad comes out so that I can attach a USB camera to it and take pictures and videos and even probably do skype conference video conference calls with it. Accessories for computers is a great business to be in now. Look for people to take this thing to a whole…New…LEVEL


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