iPad Will Change Mobile Advertising As Well?

The phrase game changer has been used a lot during the month of the iPad’s public existence. In some cases it’s been overused but in others it’s the perfect expression of how different the iPad is and will become. The world has seen and used tablet computers before but you get a sense looking at the product that it is simultaneously familiar and totally distinct. Another mobile computing realm the iPad is poised to change is mobile advertising.

The changes the iPad will bring to mobile advertising are twofold; changes in content and changes in delivery. The content change reflects the iPad’s own multimedia capabilities. As we all know, Flash is a non-starter on the iPad. With its larger screen real estate and advanced graphics hardware, look for advertising on the iPad to move from static displays to more video and interactive content. It seems odd to suggest the iPad will drive a move to traditional video advertising but users seem more willing to let an ad run to get a free game or application than to get a free television show. With technologies like H.264 and HTML 5, getting that advanced content to the user is easy without having to even consider Flash.

The other change will be in delivery. Apple’s recent acquisition of Quattro demonstrates their desire to control the advertising media that appears on their devices. This gives Apple incredible control over what appears and how it appears on their device. The iPad compliments the Quattro acquisition because it gives Apple a supercharged platform for selling and displaying mobile advertising and the Quattro acquisition compliments the iPad because it gives Apple the control it desires. Once the iPad starts taking off, look for Apple to acquire more mobile advertising delivery channels, not only to control (and profit) from iPad advertising, but also to wrest market share away from Google.

Will the iPad become the advertisers dream device? Will it take the prevalent pay-for-play model to new heights? Leave us a comment and let us know.

By: Erin Peterson


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