iPad 3 is Device to Get Excited About, MobileMe Being Revamped, says Apple Employee

An Apple staffer, who has given details to Cult of Mac regarding the company’s upcoming iPad 3, believes that the second-generation tablet will be nothing to get too excited over, but instead the iPad 3 is the “one to make a song and dance about.” Although the iPad 2 is expected to be thinner, lighter, and faster than the current device, CoM’s source wouldn’t give any more details about the device, but did spill some beans on how Apple is revamping MobileMe.

The new MobileMe service will apparently allow you to store music, TV shows, and movies purchased from the iTunes Store in the cloud, allowing you to then stream this content to your iOS device saving that valuable storage space for apps, games, photos, and everything else. Whether or not this will be a free service is yet to be confirmed.

This new streaming service sounds very similar to the one offered by LaLa before Apple purchased and then closed the company back in 2009. It enabled users to upload music to an online locker and then stream that content to a device of their choice. Since Apple purchased the company, there has understandably been speculation that it would one day become a part of iTunes and continue to offer a streaming service, however, we’re yet to see anything take shape.

Content streaming to iOS devices is certainly something I think we can expect to see from Apple soon, whether it’s integrated into MobileMe or part of iTunes. As a leader in the digital music industry and a company famous for being at the forefront of incredible new products and services, I’m quite surprised they haven’t already made a streaming service available.


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