Reminder: iOS4 is a Free Download from Apple for iPhone, iPod touch

Quick reminder for all you iPhone & iPod Touch users out there. Regardless of whether you have a new iPhone 4 on order, or better still in a FedEx plane, or van, heading towards you, you will be able to download iOS4 for FREE today from Apple for your existing iPhone / iPod Touch.

Heck, even if you don’t have an iPhone 4 on the way you can still download iOS4 for your existing device!

This is what Apple had to say on June 7, 2010 about iOS4 :

iOS 4 software will be available on June 21 as a free software update via iTunes¨ 9.2 or later for iPhone and iPod touch customers.

Keep refreshing your browser, or rather iTunes!

Also, those lucky people waiting for an iPhone 4 can expect iOS4 to be pre-installed when the device arrives.

Do let us know how your upgrade went in the comments.



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  1. eli77025

    My iPod Touch is 2G, Model MB531LL.iTunes says I'm up-to-date with v3.1.3. Am Imissing something

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