iOS 7 Adoption Rate Higher than iOS 6 in first 24 Hours

iOS 7 adoption rate

iOS 7 adoption rate

iOS 7 was released worldwide on September 18th and according to a new report 36% of iPhone users have already upgraded to the new mobile operating system.

Mobile analytics firm, Mixpanel, provides an SDK tool for developers to integrate custom event analytics platform in the apps. The graph of iOS 7 adoption when viewed by hours shows how dramatically the launch suddenly resulted in the fall of iOS 6 share and thus increasing iOS 7 share.

Apple’s iOS 7 is a complete redesign of the mobile OS and features over 100 new user features. With iOS 7 now users have access to control center, new notification center, HD voice for Siri, AirDrop, dynamic wallpapers, FaceTime audio and much more.

Another repot was made public by ad network Chitika that estimates first 24 hours iOS 7 adoption at 18%. The variances in both reports is very high as each relies on the number of apps displaying their tracking code. It’s interesting to note that Chitika released figures of iOS 6 adoption which was 15% and on the other hand iOS 5 took five days to reach 20%.

Since the introduction of over-the-air updates in iOS 5 Apple has helped in accelerating the adoption rate of iOS. It’s very easy and quick to update the entire OS without requiring any cables or PC.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO, Tim Cook commented on Android market share and highlighted the issue of fragmentation. Even as Android continues to launch new versions it takes several months before users get the updated version as it has to go through several different network operators and hardware manufacturers.

Apple’s integration of hardware and software services enables the company to make new versions of the software available to all its users near instantly. During the special iPhone media event Cook shared that Apple is on track to sell 700 millionth iOS device in September.


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