iOS 7 Concept Video Displays Widgets, New Lock Screen, and Mission Control on iPhone

iOS 7

iOS 7

As rumors continue to build on Apple’s expected release of iOS 7 this summer, many bloggers and designers are beginning to come up with ideas of their own, of what the next generation of Apple’s mobile OS may look like.

A number of reports claims that Apple’s iOS 7 announcement may be slightly delayed because the company is working on a major redesign. It is also because iOS has remained unchanged since its release, lacking any major redesigns or reworkings.

On Friday, a designer by the name of F. Bianco posted a set of images to Flickr, showing what he believes the next version of iOS could have. Some features that Blanco displays in his images include a widget feature that allows for information such as weather to be quickly viewed without launching an app.

This would split the screen, similar to a Folder in the current version of iOS. Blanco also showed off another feature for music, that would operate similiarly to the Widget feature, as well as a new lock screen that would allow for easy access to controls such as Bluetooth, the WiFi, and Do Not Disturb. Blanco showed off the full features in a video, below:

{Via MacRumors}


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