iOS 7 Beta 3 Improves Font Readability, Adds New Animation and More

iOS 7 Download Animation

iOS 7 Download Animation

iOS 7 beta 3 was made available for download to registered developers earlier this week. Apple has been consistently releasing new beta updates of iOS 7 every two weeks in order to prepare for the final release date scheduled for later this fall.

The new beta brings some noteworthy changes to the mobile operating system. When Apple released the original iOS 7 seed the font used was Helvetica Ultra Light and many reported that the font in many instances was not clearly readable. In iOS 7 beta 3 update Apple has introduced redesigned fonts that appear to be thicker than the previous font. People who have been using iOS 7 since the original seed would instantly be able to notice the difference in the Messages app, Notification Center, Settings app and more.

When accessing Safari uni-bar the keyboard layout featured dedicated .com and space keys however, in beta 3 Apple has got rid of the dedicated .com button and now the period key can be held for a few seconds to bring up the .com and other domain extensions. This improves the keyboard layout and allows you more room to type in a general search query without accidentally hitting the .com key.

The Lock Screen in beta 1 and beta 2 mysteriously did not show the time when music was playing in the background. This is now fixed in beta 3 so you can view the current time in the status bar even  when the music is playing. In beta 1 and beta 2 if music was playing you’d have to unlock your phone to view the time.

iTunes Radio seems to now allow users to set the kind of mix a particular radio station plays by selecting to play only hits, variety or discovery mode. Another small change introduced is that when you run out of song skips in an hour instead of the skip button disappearing now it just greys out.

Another change that many using iOS 7 for the first time will experience is the change in the animation when a new app is downloaded from the App Store. The animation is now circular translucent overlay over the app icon that slowly reveals the app icon once the app has been downloaded successfully.


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