iOS 7 beta 2 Brings New Siri Voice, iPad, iPad mini Support and Enhancements

weather app iOS 7

weather app iOS 7

Apple recently released iOS 7 beta 2 to developers, the first update issued since the developer preview that was announced during WWDC. iOS 7 beta 2 finally adds support for iPad and iPad mini.

The pre-release version of iOS 7 beta 2 now includes new high quality siri voice in male and female variation for the US English and also supports other languages. Apple has also released the new voice memo app which was missing in the first beta. Voice memo app has an all-new “flat” design.

iOS 7 Parallax

Apple has also made minor enhancement to the weather app by adding an icon for the compact view of weather of all cities which also acts like a world clock. In the settings menu under accessibility now there is an option to turn off the “Parallax” motion effect of icons and alerts. The parallax effect on pop-up alerts can be distracting as the entire alert banner swings with motion.

iOS 7 beta 2 still suffers from stability issues that were present in the first beta where the iPhone often crashes and re-strarts on its own. However, there is noticeable improvement in Siri’s performance and responsiveness to commands.

Siri iOS 7 Voice Male Female

iTunes radio continues to work even if you’re outside of the US as long as you’re using US iTunes store account. Reminder app is now more stable than the previous beta.

So, these were some of the improvements and enhancements introduced in iOS 7 beta 2. It is recommended that you install the software update only if you’re a registered developer as the current version is still not ready for a public release.


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