iOS 5 Update Brings New ‘iTunes Tone Store’ to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iTunes Tone Store-1

Tucked away in a corner of the iOS 5 update is a new section in iTunes just for Tones. Purchasing ringtones is not something new for smartphones, but the convenience added with the new update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad puts them front and center.

iTunes Tone Store-1Tones can be a variety of lengths, but ringtones will cost you $1.29 while alert tones are $0.99. As you purchase your tone, you can decide to make it the default ringtone, the default text tone, or assign it to a particular contact. It seems that alert tones can be applied as ringtones or text alert tones, while ringtones can only be what they are. Ringtones seem to be longer length than alert tones, perhaps explaining their higher price.

While some would argue that they can create their own tones, putting this option in iTunes makes custom ringtones and alerts accessible to those less inclined to go the DIY route. Apple couldn’t have made this easier.

In addition to the new tone store, iOS 5 brings more than 200 new user features to iOS devices. Some of the noteworthy enhancements include notification center, PC free, mail, reminders app, personal dictionary, reader for safari and much more.

What do you think about having iTunes Tone Store on your iOS device? Have you bought any tones yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



8 Comments on “iOS 5 Update Brings New ‘iTunes Tone Store’ to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad”

  1. AJC

    I too am unable to restore my ringtones to my phone after the upgrade. When I try to re-purchase them it tells me I already have them, and they are still on my mac, but no matter what I do I cannot get them onto my phone anymore. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a resolution? Thanks!

    1. Rjohnson_8ball

      Go to iTunes on your computer, and under “General” Preferences, make sure Ringtones is one of the things listed in your Library menu. Once it is, click it. If you see your old ringtones there then you have them backed up properly to your computer.

      Connect your iPhone to your computer (if it isn’t already). In the Devices section on the left menu, click your iPhone. A summary window will appear for your iPhone. At the top of that window, choose Ringtones from the menu. Toggle ON the Sync Ringtones option, and all ringtones.

      Now, go back over to the left column and use CTRL-click on your iPhone in the Devices section. In the small popup, choose Restore from Backup.

      Watch as your ringtones get restored.

  2. Rjohnson_8ball

    How come my ringtones did not get restored after installing iOS 5 ? It seems everything else got restored. Unlike apps, I don’t seem to be able to restore them from iCloud as purchased items. I think my home computer has them in iTunes (I hope) but still, it seems odd.

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