Steve Jobs Promises iOS 4 Speed Fix for iPhone 3G Soon

Many iPhone 3G users have been complaining of speed issues running iOS 4 on what is now the oldest iPhone model that Apple sells. But in reality, apart from some loss of graphics performance, the horsepower under the iPhone 3G’s hood should really be able to cope with what iOS 4 throws at it. Especially as Apple’s 4th iteration of its mobile OS is feature limited to “help the iPhone 3G out”.

A frustrated iPhone 3G user has emailed Steve Jobs with the following, quite reasonable, request:

I’ve waited patiently through 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, looking for a fix that will make my phone work again. I’ve read the forums that advise me to jailbreak my phone or use some other method so I can downgrade back to a version of iPhone 3, however I’m not prepared to use a method that is not supported by Apple.

And apparently Steve has replied saying:

Software update coming soon.

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Developers have been testing iOS 4.1 for some time now. And overall it does seem to offer some performance improvements for all devices. The iPhone 3G particularly.

As for when this update will be made public, we still don’t know. But it is at least reassuring to know that Apple are working on it, and there is light at the end of the tunnel for beleaguered 3G users.

Do you have an iPhone 3G? How has iOS performance been for you so far? Are you hanging out for an update? Have your say in the comments…



5 Comments on “Steve Jobs Promises iOS 4 Speed Fix for iPhone 3G Soon”

  1. ck

    guys, some tips i’ve found help.
    HARD RESET – at least twice in a row. do these every few days if u notice its running slowly (hold down lock and home button)
    TURN OFF SPOTLIGHT SEARCH – settings, general, home button, deselect all options
    If you having problems with sms, photo etc. I think it helps if you delete all your messages/photos. can’t hurt. at the end of the day, u want a functioning phone first!

    Hopefully apples update fixes the sloppiness of os4 on iphone 3g.

  2. Alex White

    My 3g is almost unusable. When my alarm goes off the alarm sound is slurred. Texting is impossible as words autocorrect seconds after I press the send button. Huge delays opening just about every app. If this phone was this slow back when i bought it I would have said it was a piece of crap and returned it within a day.

  3. Navyanth

    i am iPhone 3g user and i am very sad have experienced a veru slow performance after upgrading to OS4. Initially, when i create folder in iPhone 3G, the battery drain out very fast. Hence, now i avoid creating folders in my 3G phone. I am eagerly waiting for an Update.

  4. Ben

    To be honest w u, this is very unlikely, however u are most likely the type of individual that has horrible speakers in ur car & think it sounds wonderful. Ignorance CAN =
    bliss, even if only for a select few. Per my tone u can probably tell I am one of the 3G users that feels his phone was destroyed by the new OS. Please this quickly, as I’m certainly not getting a I4 anytime soon.

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