Apple releases iOS 4.2 Beta 3

iOS 4-2 Beta 3

iOS 4-2 Beta 3

The latest iOS 4.2 beta, version 3, is now available for download on the Developer Portal. No information on what’s new as yet, but we’ll be updating this post once we know more.

Hopefully this release will add the full AirPlay functionality we’ve been waiting for – current betas only allow audio streaming with video promised for the final release.

If you notice anything new let us know in the comments section or email us. Check back soon for more updates on this topic.

Update 1: AppAdvice reports that beta 3 is sans AirPlay – even the previous audio-only version is now gone. No word yet as to why it’s been pulled or whether it will be back. It’s not unknown for Apple to remove features from betas and put them back in a final release.

Update 2: Airplay is still present in everything except the YouTube app. However, opening a video via still gives you the option to use Airplay.

Confirmed: I just updated my iPad to iOS 4.2 beta 3 and can confirm the YouTube app no longer supports AirPlay in any form.

Visiting YouTube on the web does in fact work as expected, though still no video being pushed to my new Apple TV.

Speed: the iPad does feel snappier, fast app switching is smoother.

BBC iPlayer: previous betas caused a crash when trying to play video from iPlayer – this is mow fixed. Good news for us UK dwellers.

More as we find it!


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