Intel Purchase German chip manufacturer Infineon

Intel confirmed today what has been long rumored. They have purchased the German chip manufacturer Infineon. Why is this important to us at Touch Reviews? Well basically because Infineon provide the mobile communications chips in our iPhone, and most other mobile devices from well known smartphone manufacturers.

Intel seems to have quite a roadmap ahead of itself these days. It is dabbling in the GPU market, whilst blocking competitors from accessing its own architectures. Its also working on its own line of mobile silicon. Some still suggest that Intel may try to buy ARM if its own mobile offerings don’t fair too well.

Intel are also looking towards security at a silicon level for future CPU iterations, as is borne out by its purchase recently of computer security expert outfit, McAfee. Something we should all pay much more attention to as our devices, and our data, become more mobile and “constantly connected”.

Short term the Infineon purchase will not really affect Apple, or other manufacturers too much. Other than the possibility of Intel driving mobile commas the way it wants to go, and perhaps pricing levels being controlled by Intel for a large portion of the mobile silicon market.

But at the end of the day Intel wants to sell chips. That’s what they do. And they want to ensure they keep their place as a leader in the fast evolving mobile computer market.

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