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iLineup HD Review – Is it baseball season yet?

iLineup HD for iPhone and iPad is just what it sounds like, a lineup application for baseball. This app is a dead simple app for creating a lineup for your team or looking over your lineup if you’re having trouble deciding. It is solid for playing with your lineup and deciding where to put your team but it does have its limitations.

iLineup HD allows you to quickly throw together lineups right there on your iDevices. It handles player positions, batting order, substitutions and even player numbers. This functionality is great for anyone who is trying to tweak a lineup right before a game or assist in keeping track of the lineup throughout the game.

The app allows you to do most managerial tasks you’ll need to do when creating your lineup before a game. Its limitations aren’t necessarily things its bad at, its things that it lacks that others have, like statistics. I have played and coached baseball since i was 5 and have always heard that baseball is a game of statistics. That being said, lineup apps that don’t consist of statistics seem like they are missing something.

The GUI for this app is not over the top but it will suffice. The graphical layout of the positions is great but could use a little more polish. I do like that the lineup looks like a chalkboard but would be a little more realistic if it looked like handwriting on paper.

Not having statistics isn’t a major issue but it does cost this app a little street cred with the baseball community. I would primarily use this app for keeping track of lineups in little league but would go for something a little more robust when it came to competitive baseball. Overall the app is good at what it does, lineups. I would be more impressed if it allowed for some sort of stat keeping or at least score keeping.

[rating: 3/5]

What we like:

  • Simple
  • Quick & Easy to set up
  • Great for editing lineups

What to know:

  • No Stat keeping
  • No Score Keeping


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