iCoverSkin for iPad: Adds Personality, Style and Protection to your iPad


Back in April we reviewed a couple of skins for the iPhone from iCoverSkin.com and were impressed how it looked, felt and the choices you had while purchasing the skins.

Well now we’ve got our hands on a Brushed Blue skin from iCoverSkin.com for the new iPad which will set you back $29.99, unless you win one in the compitition that is detailed below.

The Brushed Blue skin contains both the front and the back of the iPad but as they are two separate pieces you can either use them both or just one depending on what other kind of case or screen protector you are using.

Talking of screen protectors and cases the iPad version, just like the previously reviewed iPhone skin, doesn’t contain a screen protector, and while it can be applied over the top of one it can cause problems if you don’t position it right first time.

With cases though the thinness of the skin means that it should be compatible with most cases and fully supports the iPhone smart cover. In fact iCoverSkin also sell their own smart covers that match the Brushed Blue skin.

Putting the skin onto your device can take a little bit of time, especially if you want great long lasting results. If you’ve done this kind of thing before though there’s nothing really new to the process although I did learn a great tip from the video guide provided by iCoverSkin which you can see here and that was to use the back paper to temporarily prevent the skin from sticking to the iPad while you line it up.

With this tip I was able to get both the back and front of the skin applied first time without the need of a hair dryer which then recommend to back the skin more flexible during placement.

I’m very pleased with the results too, if you have a ‘nude’ iPad at the moment the skin will not only provide protection from nicks and scratches but also provides extra grip too while only adding minimal bulk.

As mentioned earlier if you would like to win one of iCoverSkins iPhone skins you can Like iCoverSkin.com on Facebook for a chance to win one of our brand new iPhone Full Skin (Retail Value $29.99) every two weeks! No purchase necessary.

[rating: 4.5/5]

What we like

  • High quality materials
  • Looks great
  • Protects and adds grip

What to know

  • No screen protector


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