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iCaptions [rating: 4/5]

One of the advantages of the iPhone is how well the camera integrates with the rest of the device. A lot of camera phones make you jump through hoops to use your pictures and then you’re limited by the onboard functionality. The iPhone makes your picture collection available to any application that wants to access it. The growth of iPhone applications means there’s an almost limitless supply of applications to work with those pictures.

iCaptions from Fide Software is one such application. Since there’s been pictures (and embarrassing pictures especially) people have enjoyed attaching funny or descriptive captions to them. iCaptions presents a simple, clean interface for importing pictures from your iPhone and attaching captions to them. After opening the application you get the fun started by selecting a picture saved to the device or taking a new one with the camera. Despair not Touch users, since you can use pictures saved to the device this app will work for you as well. You’ll just need to sync some pictures or e-mail them to
iCaptions iPhone Review

As mentioned, the iCaptions interface is simple and clean. Five buttons along the bottom of the screen denote the five main functions of the app; Take a Picture, Select a Picture, E-mail Picture, Save Picture, and Reset. After selecting or taking a picture, tap the picture where you’d like to place the chat bubble. Tap inside of the chat bubble to bring up the keyboard and type the caption. Make a swiping motion through the bubble to move, resize, or delete the current bubble.

Overall, I really liked iCaptions. It was simple, easy to use, and executed it’s intended function well. That said, there are a couple of things I want to point out. First, the application advertises as being compatible with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You have to be really careful to note this integration is only in a roundabout fashion. You need to make your captioned picture, e-mail it or save it and then use a separate Twitter or Facebook application to upload the picture. A good future enhancement for the app would be to integrate this support directly.

Second, the tap to place a chat bubble function seems a bit sensitive. On a couple of occassions I ended up with an unintended chat bubble or two trying swipe the one I was working with to move or resize it. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to be careful where you start your swiping motion but there must be something in the iPhone API to distinguish between a tap and a swipe and reduce the misplaced bubbles.

All in all though, these are really minor things that don’t spoil the overall functionality of the app.


Price $1.99

The Good

  • Well executed interface
  • Good function
  • Good price

The Not So Good

  • No integrated social media support
  • Interactions can be a bit sensitive

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

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