Hangman Hollywood for iPhone Review


Hangman Hollywood Review for iPhone

Brought to you by Manipal Digital Systems Hangman Hollywood is just like the classic game of Hangman. With this particular game you choose from a selection of genres from different Hollywood films.

When you first start the game if you want to choose a certain genre you will have to go to options first otherwise the game will randomly play all. Within the options you can choose from the nine available which one you want to play. Just tap to highlight them.

Once you have done that it will then take you to the game to start playing. Soon as the game is displayed you have 60 seconds to guess the word. Your time starts to decrease straight away. For anyone who has never played hangman before, how to play is easy. You must guess the word and in this case, something related to a hollywood film. You do this by guessing one letter at a time. If it is right it will place the letter in the word, if it is wrong you lose one of your nine lives. If you lose all your lives you will meet an early death. The same goes if you run out of time. So guess quickly and you will live.

The little hanging man makes happy little noises if you get it right. If you get it wrong he doesn’t sound happy at all. Which is to be expected when he’s got a noose tighting around his neck.

The game is free and is great for a quick pick up and play when you need to kill five minutes. It does have advertisements at the bottom which you do get used to. It would be nice though if there was an option to pay to go ad free.

At the moment the game does not have any Game Center integretion so there is therefore no challenge with other players. The game doesn’t even have a score board to keep record of the best scored time. At the moment you just play and have to remember how quick you did it. So while it is great to play on your own there is nothing there to keep the player interested and coming back for more. With this kind of feature added it could become a fun and challenging game.

What we like:

  • Quick pick up and play

What to know:

  • No Game Center or score boards.


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