GV Connect and GV Mobile + Google Voice apps for iPhone now available

GV Mobile Google Voice iPhone

The new app store review guidelines and changes in iPhone developer agreement has lead to the approval of many iPhone apps which were neither approved nor rejected.

GV Mobile Google Voice iPhoneApple did not allow any native Google voice application in the app store but after the revised guidelines were published two apps have been appoved.

GV Connect ($2.99, App Store) and GV Mobile + ($2.99, App Store) are the only two Google voice apps now available for purchase in the app store. These native apps aim to offer a faster and better experience than the web interface. You must have a Google Voice account in order to use the apps to call or send sms.

A few month back Apple had to answer FCC’s questions who had requested information regarding Apple’s app store and it’s application approval process. It is possible that in order to avoid the investigation Apple relaxed its guidelines, approved these apps and made changes to the developer agreement.

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4 Comments on “GV Connect and GV Mobile + Google Voice apps for iPhone now available”

  1. Benjumea_stella

    Google is releasing an official Google Voice app for FREE in few weeks so DON’T waste your money on this! This app is NOT made by Google. This app does NOT alert you when you have new texts, voicemail, or missed calls. The developer claims “PUSHED”/FORWARDED through OTHER 3RD PARTY UNSECURE SERVERS (Yes, you’llhave NO IDEA of where it’s going and who all is seeing it). This app CUTS OFF TEXT while you are typing which means you can only see the FIRST LINE of what you are writing, and what’s more is it DOES NOT have autocorrect/spellcheck which is fundamental to any text app. There is NOTHING this app can do that the Web App can’t, but MANY things the Web App can do that this one CANT. This app FAILS in every which way. Oh, and don’t think for a second that this app will “get better”. This app is made by a 3RD PARTY DEVELOPER (NOT GOOGLE!) so the developer DOES NOT and will NEVER have access to certain API’s that would allow the app to function the way Google’s official app will once its released —Yes, that means NATIVE PUSH ALERT, VOIP, VOICEMAILS, CALLS. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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