Guitar Rock Tour 2: Must Have For All Rock Music Lovers

Guitar Rock Tour 2

Guitar Rock Tour 2 [rating: 5/5]

Feel the rhythm and experience the world of stardom in this fascinating Rock ‘N Roll game!

The most rockin’ music game is back on your iPhone and iPod touch. More songs, more stages, more characters, new features… MORE ROCK!

Gameloft has been one of the major leaders in the mobile gaming market and are truly rockin’ App Store with over 6 Million games sold for iPhone/iPod touch. They have around 35 games available in the App Store, of which 18 have made the Top 10 Paid Games List worldwide.

One of the many reasons for Gameloft’s success has been their ability to develop high quality games fast and offer great entertainment value.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 is an immersive rhythm-based game where your object is to perform on stages all around the world and captivate your audience. The game allows you to create your profile starting with signing a contract (scribble on the touch screen), then choosing your character and instrument. Current version of Guitar Rock Tour 2 features drums and guitar as instruments.

The graphics set a new standard for iPhone games with attention to almost every aspect of a stage and this certainly enhances the game by creating a spellbound addiction. While you take the center stage during the live performance, other band members perform with you in the background.

Controls are simple and responsive, you tap the notes as they align with the pickup, tap and hold to score long notes. Complete power note sequence and fill the Pyro Meter and then shake your device or flick the switch to activate Pyro effect and let the crowd go wild.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 has three game modes: Quick Play, Career Mode and Multiplayer. Quick Play is great to get started quickly without going through any settings and jumping right into the gameplay. In Career Mode you advance by unlocking songs and performing in new locations along-with optional assignments. Multiplayer Mode offers the ability to play two player mode over local (wifi) network.

With an explosive list of licensed tracks such as “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”, “Call Me” and “Paranoid” Guitar Rock Tour 2 is a must have for all rock music lovers.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $4.99

The Good

  • Incredible graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Many locations to unlock
  • Play Guitar or Drums

The Not So Good

  • Online highscores missing.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 – iPhone/iPod touch Cinematic Trailer


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