Graves Robber for iPhone Could Leave You Feeling Like A Zombie!

Graves Robber [rating: 2/5]

Before I start in this review I’ll warn you, no not about Zombies or things that go bump in the night, but at present this game is on offer for 99 cents for a reported 8 hours only, so if you decide you do want to give it a go, do it now! Anyway, on with the review.

Graves Robber is a 3D RPG Zombies-Shooting game. You take the role of Sara a professional grave digger, (do any of them do it just for pleasure?), on her quest to find six crystal skulls. Each skull is protected not only by an army of the un-dead but also at the end of each level a boss who must be defeated in order to retrieve the skull.

Graves Robber

The game is set on a dark and gloomy island, just right for a zombie style shooter, and Sara must roam through the dark and desolate land in search of the bosses and the power-ups that are available throughout the game. The power-ups are the usual fair for an RPG shooter, shields, speed, magic and coins are all available both just lying around to pick up by walking near or by tapping on boxes, tombs and other items that just may contain some goodies. Beware though, while the various items may contain treasures they will probably also contain zombies that will appear before you and immediately attack.

The surprise attack method is frequently used in the game with zombies apparently appearing from nowhere ready to attack you, even from behind, and rather make it a Resident Evil style shock-a-thon it merely gets frustrating especially as it is almost impossible to reload your weapon whilst under attack. It’s also near impossible to out run your zombie attackers so it’s imperative that you keep your weapon loaded at all times, or rely on the time machine to make your escape.

Controlling your character is not easy either with a combination of accelerometer and half d-pad controls required to move your character around her environment. The accelerometer controls your aim and positions your character in the direction you wish for her to walk. The half d-pad can the be used to move Sara forward or backwards. The trouble with these controls is that you will often find yourself at 90 degrees to the screen as you try to move your character quickly around to move or look for a zombie that has appeared on your radar and the lack of a strafing limits movement even more.

Graves Robber_1

The graphics aren’t going to blow you away either, seemingly more fitting to the original PlayStation, and that’s being harsh to the PlayStation, iPhone/iPod Touch graphical capabilities aren’t getting pushed with Grave Robber which makes the often sluggish behavior of the game somewhat more confusing.

The action does come thick and fast especially as you progress through the levels and as the action does get more and more frantic it will become imperative that you upgrade both your armor and weapons if you are to succeed.

If you persevere with the game you should be able to complete it in around an hour and maybe at 99 cents you won’t feel too hard done by. Get it at $5 though and it may not seem to be such great value for money.

Graves Robber is an ambitious title that falls short of the mark and could leave you feeling like a zombie yourself!

The Good

  • Power-ups and purchasable items
  • Atmospheric Music

The Not So Good

  • Sluggish at times
  • Poor controls
  • Poor graphics
  • Random zombie attacks

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 04, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 63.4 MB
Seller: Han Zhicai
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