GooMonsters A hack n slash game that is more like slack and hash



[rating: 2/5]

GooMonsters Review: Ever wanted to be a Ninja? Ever wanted to use your ninja like skills to kill blobs of goo that are out to attack you? Well now you can in the virtual would of GooMonsters on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Across a variety of levels in campaign mode it’s your task to defend yourself against an onslaught of different types of goo. Different shapes, sizes and color of goo squish and splurge across the screen to attack you and you get points for killing them, and even more points for killing multiple of them at the same time.w

As you progress, and the goo becomes more frequent and aggressive, you do get some additional help to defeat the goo however in the form of weapons that you can purchase with the points that you earn as you complete the levels. From bombs and GooFields to drones and delays this arsenal of weapon is vital if you are going to progress through all the levels.


Each level has different objectives but ultimately they all come down to killing the smudges of goo before they kill you. This is completed by swiping the virtual control stick on the right side of the screen to cut them with your sword while the left virtual control stick will control your aim. Moving your charachter is completed by using the accelerometer and this can be customized before each game so that you can play the game whichever position you are in.

The controls take a little getting used too especially the swiping of the sword as I lost count of the number of times that a swipe failed to be recognised only for the lump of goo land on my face exploding in a colorful explosion of color. Depending on the type of goo it may either slow you down, block your view or even kill you……game over!


The graphics are bright, clear and colorful but while this may appeal to a younger player. There isn’t enough detail in the graphics of the gameplay to keep the more experienced player entertained for too long and that even includes the addition of the 10 minigames that become unlocked as you progress through the campaign mode of the game. There are also over 50 achievements to be unlocked via the OpenFeint and GameCenter integration.

The game plays well for a short amount of time but ultimately it’s laking in variety and even at just 99c will leave you wanting more. But don’t forget to save Fluffy!


  • Configurable controls
  • 10 unlockable minigames


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Bright but simple graphics
  • Tricky controls


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