Google (GOOG) Mobile Search iPhone App Store Links Go Live

Google announced earlier this week that they would show iPhone App Store links at the top of their mobile search results.

Clicking on one of those search results takes you directly to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store. Once there users can view the application’s listing, creators name and user reviews.

At the moment this feature is only available for US users, but searches can be made from either iPhone or Android handsets. Google plans to roll it out globally eventually.

In Steve Jobs’ interview at D8 he expressly said that Apple had no plans to replace Google on the iPhone as the main search option, and that Apple had no plans to get into the search engine business.

So it seems that there is still some love between the two tech giants.

Have you tried this search feature out yet on your iPhone or Android? Let us know how it performs for you in the comments.



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