How good a deal is the Apple iPad? [Infographic]

In 1976 Apple launched the Apple 1 computer for $666.66. Cool price! Love those naughty digits! Adjusting for inflation the cost of that today would be around $2,540.77!

Apple’s most expensive (and arguably biggest failure business-wise) computer was the Apple Lisa. Which had a high price tag even in 1983 at $9,995.00. Adjusting for inflation that would cost close to the price of my beach condo in Thailand at $21,744.85.

In 1993 Apple launched the first device which could truly be called an ancestor of the iPad. The Newton. I paid considerably more for my Newton as I had it shipped to me direct in the UK from a store in California on launch day. It’s sticker price was $699.0. Adjust for today and it would be $1,048.47. Remember that’s a device with a grey scale screen, no built in connectivity to speak of by todays standards, and it ran on flashlight batteries which were not included! All the same a great Apple device, that many of us still love. I even still have mine and the official Apple carry case and modem for it.

The first iPod launched in October 2001 and was sold for $399.00. It would cost $488.46 today. And that was just an MP3 player at the end of the day!

More recently the first iPhone in todays money would be around $520.

So an iPad at $499, which is a fully functional tablet computer seems to be, to me anyway, a snip at it’s entry price of $499.00

A fun info graphic details more of these price comparisons here : []

The best part is that the graph shows that for the same price as that Apple Lisa you could have Apple ship you 43 iPads. If only they had any in stock! But even only one of those iPads would certainly outperform the Lisa, and have resources to spare! As much as we all love her.

Do you think the iPad is good value? Or do you think it should be cheaper?

iPad Cost Deal Info-graphic

iPad Cost Deal Info-graphic

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