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Transformers CyberToy iPhone Touch Reviews glu mobileglu mobile is giving away 4 promotional codes to download the TRANSFORMERS CyberToy application for free!

How to enter?

Enter the trivia contest by posting your answers on glu mobile’s Facebook wall. There will be one different trivia question posted each day, starting Monday, June 22 and ending Thursday, June 25. At the end of each day, all the respondents with the correct answer will be tallied and tracked and then entered into a random drawing. The winners of each day’s drawing will be notified by Friday, June 26 and emailed their promotional code.

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Question of the Day!

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(June 25)

  • Which original 1984 Autobot action figure was the only figure still being shipped in 1986?

(June 24)

  • In the Generation 1 cartoon, Soundwave was the Decepticon communications TRANSFORMER and also had the ability to hold several small allies (cassette tapes). Name 4 of his small allies and what they transformed into.

(June 23)

  • In the TRANSFORMERS Generation 1 cartoon, what was the origin of Optimus Prime? (be as specific as possible)

(June 22)

  • In the TRANSFORMERS Generation 1 cartoon, before becoming leader of the Autobots, what was Optimus Prime’s original name?



The first TRANSFORMERS digital action figure is here. Touch, swipe and drag BUMBLEBEE to change him from vehicle mode to robot and back again. View stats and history or position him into several action poses. Bumblebee is the first figure included in this entertainment application and future updates will include more AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to add to the collection. All characters are taken from the upcoming feature film TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, in association with Hasbro, due out June 24th.

ACTION FIGURE MODE Play sounds, execute poses, and fire weapons by tapping virtual buttons in robot or vehicle form

PUZZLE MODE: Transform from robot to vehicle and back as quickly as possible through a series of taps, touches, drags, and swipes

VIEW TECH SPECS of each mighty Transformer and their history.


iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99

TRANSFORMERS™ CyberToy Screenshots

This contest is now Closed.


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