Game Review: Blood Lust

iphone-game-reviews-blood-lust[rating: 3.5/5]

A fun mosquito splatting game.

You are a covert ops trooper, air-dropped into a remote jungle to investigate a crashed UFO, when unexpectedly you are faced with a bigger problem…
A massive swarm of blood sucking MOSQUITOS!

Fight for your life by smashing hordes of mosquitos before they suck all your blood! Watch your arm and kill them as they land! Keep an eye on your health, and don’t forget to check your hand!

Chain together kills to earn points and increase your point multiplier!
Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest multiplier and top score!

Blood Lust by Rad Lab features:
– Fast, simple, and addictive gameplay.
– Detailed, colorful artwork and animation.
– Engaging original music and sound effects.
– Arcade style high score system to record your best games.

In this game you must splat mosquitos as fast as you can in vein vain attempt to keep your character alive, as measured by a wrist mounted pulse and blood level gauge, and to raise your highscore in hopes of making your mark on the global scoreboard. The cartoon style graphics are nicely done with good work done on the arm with skin colour changing as your blood drains away however as this game is in first person perspective I think it would make sense for your perspective to change as well, similar to recent FPS shootem ups when close to death.

The single song soundtrack is your typical “Mission Impossible” style dramatic music with mosquito sounds on top which is adequate and fitting for this game’s story but a little diversity in mosquito sounds would be nice maybe a sound for when one of the little pests is feasting on your blood. Interface wise this iPhone/iPod Touch game is functional and suits the overall style however if you turn off the music or fx they will be on when you come to play again on relaunch and entering your name for your highscore is limited to 3 characters and an old skool arrow interface to change the letters one at a time going through the alphabet and numbers 1-9 which feels like a snails pace compared to today’s virtual keyboard.

As fun and simple as this game is, it doesn’t come without it’s frustrations. Tapping on mosquitos needs to be more sensitive making the game easier to play and often landed mosquitoes can be hard to differentiate from those you’ve already splatted sometimes even bite marks have a habit of appearing on top of them making it even harder to see. I also find swiping between the hand and forearm could be smoother as sometimes it falters or misses off the end of the screen which more often than not have a mosquito on them . A major annoyance for iPhone owners is this game’s lack of an auto save function so one ill timed phone call could wipe out that high score you’ve been building for hours.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $0.99

The Good

  • Fun and Fast paced
  • Novel
  • Great graphics

The Not so Good

  • Not as smooth or responsive as it could be
  • No keyboard to input name in highscore
  • Graphics can get confusing

Reviewed By: TylerDurdan

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