Fun Booth: Smart App To Add Creative Touch To Your Photos

Fun Booth [rating: 3.5/5]

FunBooth is a smart little app that allows you add creative touch to photo’s of your family and friends. There are already a few apps that do the similar tasks but what makes FunBooth stand out is it’s ability to auto-detect the face within the photo and add a variety of props to the face.

While FunBooth will work with small pictures, the face recognition works much better with a single forward facing head shot filling the screen as much as possible. Of course for iPhone users it’s quite simple to get a portrait shot of someone using the inbuilt camera and this is all very easy as you can simply select the picture you want to use from your photo albums and camera roll.

Fun Booth iPhone

Fun Booth iPhone

With the picture selected the first of a plethora of accessories is placed onto the person face and if the photo your using is clear & large the the automatic placement of these items is frequently spot on. The accessories include masks, glasses, mustaches, beards, horns, hats, axes, knifes and many more.

If on the rare occasion the item is not placed perfectly you can move and resize it using the touch screen until you have a perfect fit. Once you are happy with your work you can share your picture via Twitter, Flickr, Email or save it to one of your phone contacts. You can only have one item on the face at a time and the choice of item is purely random either by shaking your iPhone/iPod touch or tapping the rotate button.

FunBooth doesn’t do much but what it does works well, so for 99c this is a fun app especially for iPhone users where getting an appropriate picture is just a tap away.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99

The Good

  • Simple to use
  • Face Recognition
  • Easy share options

The Not So Good

  • Only one accessory at a time
  • Item selection random

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Fun Booth Tutorial


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