Friends – Social Aggregation App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Friends iPhone

Friends iPhoneThese days we’re all plugged into so many social networks that our friends and contacts are often spread over 3, 4 or even more locations. Keeping them all aggregated can be a hassle, and this is where a new app from Taptivate comes in. Aptly named Friends, this iOS app aims to bring all you contacts into one handy-dandy place.

Friends for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad supports the usual social networking suspects of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace while also including your on-device contact list. Once you provide all the relevant login credentials, Friends goes off and pulls in all your data, leaving you with one contact list to rule them all.

But wait, there’s more!

Where Friends goes further than all the other contact management apps is the way it can also dip into your networks, displaying conversations, your friends’ streams and all related images and links. The idea is clearly that you can live inside one interface instead of switching between so many separate apps.

This all sounds like a lot of app for the $1.99 asking price, and it is. The problem so far is that this might also be the app’s downfall. Sometimes navigating through the app can be less than intuitive, but I’m quietly hopeful that either spending more time with the app, or perhaps an update past version 1.0 will help here. The foundations are there, so hopefully the app’s developers can build on it.

Head on over to iTunes to download Friends or check out the Taptivate webpage for more info on the app.


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