Foxconn Brazil To Ramp Up Production of iPad Mini in September

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Apple’s rumored 7 inch iPad has been trending on the web since late last year, and now details about the device are beginning to emerge. Japanese site Macotakara reported late last week that Apple is slowly beginning to ramp up production of the 7.85” iPad mini at its Foxconn location in Brazil. The source also mentions that the tablet will, in fact be called the iPad Mini and that production tests on new cutting machines have already been done in China.

Source said that, production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon.

The smaller version of the tablet has been reported to have 3G capabilities, but will likely be set up similar to the current iPad, with both WiFi and 3G versions available. Other details about the device remain unclear, and may appear as the announcement date gets closer. The iPad Mini would be competing with other smaller tablets on the market such as the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini is expected to be thinner than the Kindle Fire, and will likely adopt an almost identical, albeit smaller design. According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini later this year, during the same October timeframe as the next gen iPhone 5 and the public release of iOS 6.

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2 Comments on “Foxconn Brazil To Ramp Up Production of iPad Mini in September”

  1. Jack N Fran Farrell

    It’s human factors, stupid, not price. See how many ruggedized maxiPads the Marines buy.

    If Apple wants to relive past PR glory such as their Super Bowl add. I suggest the Petaluma CA wrist wrestling championships. After they introduce the 7″ iPad their slogan could be ” iPad its not just for wrist wrestlers anymore”

  2. Jack N Fran Farrell

    Obviously Apple does not want to Osborne itself. The maxiPad is not a mobile or handheld device. It is a form factor blunder that Apple wants to keep secret until a right sized iPad is available. If not Apple is in for no sales for 3 months, like Nokia.

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