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    Building Apps Ltd announced the launch of the Just Roof and Just Build app, two innovative new tools specifically created to make selecting and pricing a roof design simple.
    Now available from the App Store, the apps give roofers a competitive edge by helping to bring a renovation to life and improve the level of service offered to the client.
    This facility will help roofers demonstrate the quality of the finish a client can expect and assist clients in making key design and material decisions with the help of a visual representation of the finished project.
    Designed for the iPad, the Just Roof app enables the user to upload an image or building design and superimpose the various roofing options in full colour on to the image.
    The Just Roof app also enables projects to be more easily priced based on measurements and materials, with the benefit of an accompanying visual. Information can also be added to the visual along with any notes and text labels pointing out specific points on the image. This information can then be sent on to key contacts for quotes, to clients for design approval and saved for reference to aid invoicing and cut down on time consuming emails and paperwork.
    Quick, simple and always at hand, the Just Build App is specifically designed for the iPhone, making quoting for jobs and communication between trades easier. This app enables standard images to be labelled, notes to be taken and arrows to be added to highlight key areas. Images can then be transferred to the Just Roof app if further functionality is required.
    Stored images can also form a useful online brochure to demonstrate past and present projects, helping to secure new business.
    Justin Carter, Director of Building Apps Ltd said: “We designed the apps primarily as an on the job tool for roofers, to bring a new roof or window design to life for a client. However, as the idea evolved, we started to combat other issues faced by the trade, creating apps that could become a go-to tool to speed up quotes, communicate with trade contacts and clients and cut down on paperwork. Having worked in the roofing industry for nearly twenty-five years, I understand the everyday difficulties faced by roofers. It was my experience within the roofing trade and on the job knowledge that helped shape the app’s development and make it such a useful tool.”
    Greg Newton, Director of Building Apps Ltd added: “The Just Roof and Just Build Apps are designed to fully embrace modern technology, offering the pitched roofing industry a fresh approach to engaging perspective clients and homeowners. The initial feedback from our roofing trade contacts has been overwhelmingly positive and we have a number of ideas in development to continue to support the construction industry going forward.”
    The Just Roof App for the iPad and the Just Build App for the iPhone are now available from the App Store priced at £3.99 and £1.49 respectively, with android versions of both apps to follow later in 2015.
    It is available on below link!

    Just Build: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-build/id994844514
    Just Roof: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-roof/id994845121

    Contact Detail:
    Name: Greg Newton
    Company Name: Building Apps Ltd
    Video Link: https://youtu.be/jMP6CaKDEA4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJeDe1fbypI
    Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/roofdesigner
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Roof/379456155594977

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