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    Crashing Season

    Crashing Season is a super fun physics based 3D mobile game in which players control different kind of animal characters and tries to survive for as long as possible, and same time complete challenging set of missions in diverse game worlds while vicious hunters tries to hunt and block them down. The mission of player is to survive for as long as possible, complete challenges for every character, unlock stars to open up new levels and themes, collect coins to get more characters to play, use boosts to make things super fun and compete against other players. The game will be full of action, fun, craziness and surprises for mobile gamers to experience.

    Crashing Season iPhone

    Crashing Season iPhone iPad

    Koukoi Games plans to launch Crashing Season at the end of summer 2015 based on current plans. More information about Crashing Season can be found from http://crashingseason.com.

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