App Review: College Basketball Tournament Predictions


College Basketball Tournament Predictions is a very slick looking application for all basketball fans, with very fitting and good looking graphics which would look great among any basketball paraphernalia.

With 2009 Fantell College Basketball Tournament you can:

· Make your own predictions

· Get cumulative fan score prediction data

· See the sports book line (and easily spot where the fans differ from the “pros”)

· Compare predictions to final scores

· View round by round match-ups as teams advance

· Compete against other fans

· Win a free 2009 Fantell College Football application.

After some initial setup which is required to make full use of the application, the app allows you to submit your score predictions for up coming games to the community built around the app which bids itself as a publicly informed alternative to Sportsbook Line

The application is best suited for the iPhone (or you lucky iPod Touch users with city wide Wi-Fi networks) as it constantly searches for updates, however, it does cache previously loaded data making it at least somewhat useful to those without ever present internet connections.

The app covers score data for last season and is updated for the current season. The final score and prediction data will surely serve as an interesting topic of conversation for all college basketball fans

Feature Request

More detailed game data and player stats, team line up’s for past and new seasons.

Price $1.99

The Good

  • Handy
  • Slick Looking
  • Community Spirited

The Not So Good

  • App updates are yearly

Reviewed by: Matthew Green (@TylerDurdan)

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