Is this Facetime for the iPad 2?

iPadDevice have reportedly managed to extract the Facetime portions from the latest iOS 4.3 SDK, released to developers, and have got it to run on a jailbroken iPad.

In the video you can see that the iPad it is running on doesn’t have its own video feed sending (as it has no camera!), or an inset image of that video feed, but it is receiving an image from another iOS device, and the whole thing works rather well in full screen on the device.

All the on screen controls are scaled to fit the iPad’s bigger screen, but then iOS will do that with any iPod or iPhone app “automagically”.

However, the Facetime logo from the iOS 4.3 Beta is significantly different from that in existing versions of iOS, and there are specific controls, and positioning for those controls that makes this version of the video communications app from Apple look very specific to the iPad.

All in all it seems to confirm what we all expected; that the iPad 2 will have a front facing camera and fully become a member of the iOS Facetime fraternity.

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