FaceTime Coming to Mac OS X and Windows?

facetime onetap call iPhone 4

facetime onetap call iPhone 4iPhone 4’s retina display and Factime are probably the two best reasons to upgrade your device. Apple’s “one more thing” during WWDC 2010 turned out to be a demo for a Facetime video call between Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive.

The success of facetime video calling largely depends on the number of people who can use the service. During the iPhone 4 announcement Steve Jobs said that Apple would be shipping “10’s of millions Facetime devices” this year. Apple is certainly moving forward towards that goal by making iPod touch 4th gen facetime compatible and we’ve also reported on rumors which suggest that second gen iPad with Facetime might be launched sooner than expected.

Mac4ever, a French website recently published a rumor which suggested that Apple might be looking at integrating Facetime features with iChat for Mac OS X and also offer Facetime for Windows.

To begin with, iLife ’11, which was announced this summer (along with the disappearance of iDVD), might finally come out very very soon. Moreover, it’s rumored that Apple is getting ready to release Facetime for Mac and PC, with the Mac version being integrated into the iChat software.

If this rumor turns out to be true then it would really make Facetime more usable. Do you think Apple will release iChat with Facetime this year. Let us know what you think.



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  1. oxygen

    Skype was first to use On2VP7 video codec (predecessor of vp8 aka Google webm). It also works on everything. Definetely Skype is better than Facetime, which is locked forever to work only on whatever Apple profits from. Skype wins, Facetime is for apple fanatic losers.

    Note that vp7 or vp8 codec uses half the hardware for encoding and decoding, and half the bandwidth, at the same stream bitrate. And the visual clarity is on par.

  2. Duane

    I prefer iChat when it works. Skype drills through and past IT barriers better and is cross platform. I’d like to see both working with the touch devices and to desktop systems.

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