Facebook Releases ‘Pages Manager’ App for iPhone

Facebook’s iPhone app has been in the App Store for a long time, however, the company has expanded certain parts of the application into its own app. Facebook released the Facebook Messenger app last August, expanding the messages feature in the Facebook app. On Monday, Facebook expanded yet another feature, Pages.

The company released Pages Manager, an app that allows users to manage all of their pages on Facebook within one app. The app can be used to edit and post on the pages as well as edit settings for the pages.

Facebook has posted an update for Pages Manager in the regular application in the form of a banner atop the News Feed. Facebook has also changed some small features, enlarging images, setting trending topics higher in the feed, and allowing users to scroll through trending articles. Facebook is slowly expanding each of its apps and features to make it more easily accessible on mobile devices.

The company started this new drive into mobile after the introduction of the new timeline feature in both the web version and the Facebook app. The Messenger app and Pages Manager app are only the two of the first set of applications that Facebook is likely to release to continue its push into mobile.

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