Extreme Sleeve for iPad 2 From G-Form Provides Exceptional Protection

Extreme Sleeve for iPad 2 G-Form

Extreme Sleeve for iPad 2 G-FormWorried about accidentally dropping your new iPad 2 and fear damaging it? G-Form has come up with an excellent sleeve for first and second gen iPad which might help you overcome your worries and fear.

iPad Extreme Sleeve is the latest offering from  the company which excels in providing “impact protection”. The accessory provides exceptional protection for your tablet and the guys at G-Form demonstrated the strength of their sleeve by dropping a bowling ball from roughly 3 feet above.

The sleeve is soft and floppy so it does not add any significant weight and it’s also water resistant which makes it a great accessory providing complete protection. It uses advanced gel compounds which helps in attenuating the shock without adding any bulk.

The case has a very sporty look and comes in two colors; black and yellow. You can order the case from the official store for $59.95.

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G-Form bowling ball drop on its Extreme Sleeve for iPad 2


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