The Expendables Game for iPhone shows how to sell a game based purely on the movie tie in

The Expendables Game iPhone

The Expendables Game iPhone

The Expendables Game [rating: 2/5]

The Expendables Game is the official game of “the action film of the year”, so is the game actually full of action too?

You take the role of the Sylvester Stallone character from the movie and it’s your task to defend the island of Vilena from then troops of General Garza. Of course if you have watched the film then you probably know all this already!

The controls work surprisingly well, your character will automatically move forward but pressing the stop button will stop your character allowing you to move your character around on the spot via the accelerometer. The shoot button is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you can reload via the button in the top right. The only frustration with the controls is that there is no vertical movement meaning that you can only look left and right, not up and down.

Once the game starts the countdown begins to the first wave of enemies and so for 20 seconds you have to wait for the action to begin. The enemy will appear from a variety of locations and this changes on each wave.

As the enemy appear you can unload your weapon and kill them. They will shoot back but as you can endlessly upgrade your health and weapons from a variety of locations (which automatically regenerate) it’s pretty easy to ensure that you don’t die.

The Expendables Game

You are pre-warned of all impending waves of enemy attack by a large block of text in the centre of the screen that stays there for about 5 seconds. Therefore, if you are near to the enemy it completely blocks your view of shooting them.

The single location looks OK but ultimately as there is only one location it does get boring pretty quickly and even though there are doorways, stairs, platforms and other items that you would expect to be interactive, they aren’t and you will simply bounce off them.

The game does have OpenFeint integration which would usually be a plus point to any game, however they only feature that has been enabled is a single leader board. There are no achievements to attain and no additional leader boards based on other aspects of the game other than the total survival time.

It appears that this game has been rushed out to cash in on the release of the movie and even at just 99 cents it’s not a game that I can recommend until additional features are added as you are likely to get bored before the 99 cents has even reached the developers bank account!


  • Movie Tie In


  • Only one location
  • No vertical movement
  • Repetitive Game Play

Reviewed on an iPhone 4

$2.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 13, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
Size: 44.7 MB
Seller:Nurogames GmbH
© 2010 Nurogames GmbH
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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