Dream:scape Review: An Engrossing Trip Into A Unique Title

Dreamscape iPhone iPad Game-1

Dreamscape iPhone iPad Game-1

[rating: 4/5]

Dream:scape is described by the developer as an interactive narrative experience and that is certainly how you should take it. Entering into Dream:scape for iPhone and iPad expecting a full-on gaming experience will leave you disappointed.

Yes, Dream:scape uses the Unreal engine to generate it’s sumptuous graphics and environments. In Dream:scape you find your self in the shoes of Wilson, who is caught in limbo between life and death, in a dream world where he is tasked to find the truth of his journey through his life and more specifically to the truth of his relationship with his childhood sweetheart Amelia.

Dreamscape iPhone iPad Game-2

As mentioned previously the game looks great, the world that you get to roam around has been beautifully crafted and has a lot of detail, all be it a little sterile in that there is not much that you can interact with. The only people you’ll run into are those featured in the diary that you’ll complete as you move through the 12 chapters of the game.

As the story is told you will make you way through a variety of locations with clues being passed onto you via the diary and the vocal narrative that helps move the story along. You will have to listen carefully at some points though as the clues can be quite subtle and if you miss them you could find yourself walking aimlessly around searching for the answers.

This brings me onto the controls. Two virtual pads control your movement as one controls your sight and direction while the other controls your movement. This is all well and good and it does work well, however with so much walking around and back-tracking to be done the game would really benefit from a run option.

Dreamscape iPhone iPad Game-3

Another annoyance is the diary that is used both as a reference to the story and includes a map to help you navigate the Dream:scape. Unfortunately, there are two issues with the diary, firstly the map is not interactive even missing a “you are here” option and when the diary is updated with the latest details of a completed chapter it doesn’t open to that page meaning that you have to page through multiple pages each time.

The story ticks along nicely and with quality voice acting adding to the overall atmosphere. The ‘game’ isn’t that long however and if you resolve the clues quickly you’ll find yourself completing it in just a few hours.

Dreamscape iPhone iPad Game-4

There are a few action sequences to mix things up a bit but they aren’t going to be enough to keep you entertained if you are looking for more of an action title.

At the end of the experience as it’s better to call it that than a game, I found that I had been sucked into the story and the twist at the end which is well worth waiting for. As long as you head into this unique title with the correct expectations you’ll find yourself suitably entertained.


  • Beautiful environments
  • Engrossing storyline
  • Good voice acting


  • No run option
  • Too short
  • Not enough action for some players

{$1.99, App Store}



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