Details Regarding Apple’s New A5 Chip for Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Emerge

If you haven’t already heard, it seems Apple are working hard on a new custom processor for its upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2 devices. The A4 successor is rumored to be dual-core with faster graphics, capable of supporting a higher resolution on the company’s successful tablet device, and potentially 1080p HD support for iOS devices.

The current A4 chip, which is present in the iPhone 4, the iPad, and the new iPod touch, supports the single-core SGX535 GPU, which has featured in Apple devices since the iPhone 3GS. However, the new A5 chip is reported to support the dual-core SGX543 GPU, which is a graphical power improvement of around 4X the current generation. This means that the iPad 2 could carry a display 4X the resolution of the current model, and that a “Retina Display” upgrade isn’t off the cards.

Engadget also points out that it’s likely 2011 will see new devices supporting 1080p HDMI video output as a “default” spec, and that Apple certainly won’t want to feel left out of the true HD gang. Especially when it comes to the AppleTV, which is already slightly lacking without 1080p support, but has dual graphics cores easily capable of handling this resolution.

It’s believed that Apple’s new A5 processor has been developed by the same group responsible for the company’s impressive A4 chip – Apple-owned Intrinsity and PA Semi, while Samsung will do the production duties as it has done with the current processor.

{via Engadget}


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