Consumer Reports Reinstates iPhone 4 Advisory

iPhone 4 Bumper Case

iPhone 4 Bumper Case

Consumer Reports came in for some stick around the time of the iPhone 4 launch. Overall they rated Apple’s new iPhone 4 as the best smartphone they had ever reviewed, whilst simultaneously issuing a warning to its readers that it could not recommend the device because of the antenna problems they believed were inherent in the device.

When Apple announced their free Bumper program for iPhone 4’s they relaxed their position to some degree. But since Apple have announced an end to the free Bumper program, at the end of September, Consumer Reports have restated their complaint that the iPhone 4 cannot be recommended because it has an inherent design fault that has to be ameliorated by consumers getting a case for the device.

This seems rather strange, and yet another slightly contradictory verdict from the popular consumer advice organisation, when one considers that Apple have said they will still give users a free iPhone 4 Bumper, if they ask for it, even after the automatic free Bumper program ends.

Do you wish Consumer Reports would make up their mind? Or do you think they are right to keep the pressure on Apple? Have your say in the comments…


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  1. Sybil

    Consumer reports are right to keep the pressure on Apple. I’ve had 3 versions of the I Phone and was very pleased with them. I bought this one because of the camera features. This is the worst. Besides the frequent drop calls I’m having other problems that I’ve never encountered with previous models. I just received my free bumper and am waiting to see if it makes a difference.

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