Commercial for iPad 2 Shot by David Sims in New York?

According to a source for 9to5 Mac, British photographer David Sims was at New York’s Pier 59 last month filming a commercial for Apple’s updated second generation iPad.

Although there aren’t too many details on what the shoot involved, the iPads used were the same models you’d find in the Apple Store today, and it’s believed these will be swapped out with the “iPad 2” in post production.

Despite the absence of the next gen iPad, however, all participants at the shoot still had to sign non-disclosure agreements, promising Apple they would keep their lips sealed. It’s also reported that security at the shoot was very tight.

Is it possible that Apple would be shooting a commercial for the next iPad update so early, with the second generation device not expected until April next year? Could it be that Apple were adamant on using Sims for the production and booked themselves in to his busy schedule early to save disappointment, or could it be that they were simply filming another commercial for current iPad?

[via 9to5Mac]

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