‘Cogs’ For iPhone: Sophisticated Mind Bending Puzzle Game | Preview


Independent Games Festival finalist and now partnering with Chillingo, Lazy 8 Studios is certainly having a great new year. We received an update from Chillingo regarding their upcoming game for iPhone developed by Lazy 8 Studios called ‘Cogs’.

Cogs is one of the most stylish and sophisticated mind bending puzzle game you might ever come across for an iPhone. Almost every other request at Touch Reviews being a puzzle game (Match 3 puzzles!) Cogs proved to be a surprisingly pleasant change and a new take on the puzzle game genre. PC version of Cogs has already been a success and if you play a few levels (download free demo) you will begin to realize that this game reflects high quality and its design creates a fantastic gaming experience.

The main object is to solve puzzles which are presented as parts of machines and need to be connected in order to make the machine functional. Machines comprise of various gadgets which include gears, pipes, hammers, chimes, balloons and much more. Players will be able to choose from 50 levels and 3 gameplay modes.

Cogs is much more than just a puzzle game. If you love puzzle games or ever wanted to build a machine and see it work this is the perfect game for you.

Cogs will be available for iPhone/iPod touch this January!

Cogs Trailer (PC Version)

Cogs Teaser (iPhone Version)

Cogs iPhone Screenshots


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