Bubble Spinner For iPhone: Popular Flash Game Now On The App Store

AddictingGames.com sent us an update regarding their latest game for iPhone and iPod touch. With almost 33,000,000 plays on their site, the popular flash game Bubble Spinner is now available on the App Store for only $.99 (iTunes Link)

Pop bubbles? Yeah, I know how to do that. But the whole glob moves every time I hit it! Oh noes! You’ll have to use strategic thinking, bud. Sometimes it takes more than pressing a button to score a hit. Angle the pointer, touch the screen, KABLAMMO, score!



  • Each hit spins the mob
  • Bounce off the “walls” for more hits
  • Share your score on Facebook and Twitter
  • Clear a screen and scores double!
  • One touch play
  • THREE aiming methods
  • New Awesome mode with new colors and graphics!

Checkout the gameplay video!


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