Booting Mac OS X Lion GM Seed Reveals ‘Scrolling in Lion’, No Welcome Video

Mac OS X Lion Welcome Video Scrolling

Mac OS X Lion Welcome Video Scrolling

Apple on Friday released ‘Mac OS X Lion’ GM seed to developers and a new boot screen has been revealed which features “Scrolling in Lion” that explains new gestures for Apple’s Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. After the initial setup the software no longer plays the Welcome video which used to play on Leopard and Snow Leopard upon installation.

Taking away small things such as a Welcome video may actually be a big deal to those who are fond of Apple’s personal connection to it’s customers. The Welcome video was almost like a symbol that displayed the wide variety of users out in the world. The Welcome video featured the word “Welcome” in numerous languages and played along with “Exodus Honey” by Honeycut.

It is unclear whether a new Welcome video will be added at the last minute as there are usually last minute decisions made by Apple on small components of Mac OS X upon final release, usually in Fonts, hue of text and buttons, and shape of buttons. The Welcome video just may be one of these decisions. In it’s place in the Golden Master seed is a Multi-Touch scrolling window that opens up SetUp Assistant upon installation. It offers users a chance to see a glimpse at the enhanced Multi-Touch features included in the new operating system.

The text and image in the window for Multi-Touch scrolling is dependent upon device being used, and has the ability to switch between the Magic Mouse or built-in trackpad. The small details in OS X is what makes it a solid and ultimately reliable OS. Mac OS X Lion is set for a public release later this month and will be available exclusively through the Mac App Store for $29.99.

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24 Comments on “Booting Mac OS X Lion GM Seed Reveals ‘Scrolling in Lion’, No Welcome Video”

  1. Anonymous

    The GM version seems to be missing a very important feature, double tap to drag and move windows. Of course clicking does the trick, but I’m very accustomed double tapping for this function. Can anyone running the GM build of Lion confirm this please? Thank you in advance.

    1. Anonymous

      Never mind, the option has just been moved. System Preferences/ Universal Access/ Mouse & Trackpad tab/ Trackpad Options button/ Dragging box selected.

      3-finger dragging or click-dragging has become the standard in the GM build of Lion.

  2. Ramzi Amri

    Was this a fresh install or an update from a previous version?
    I got the welcome video in Dev preview 2 and Dev preview 3,  If they took the effort to include it in those early betas I doubt they’ll actually be removing it in the final version.

  3. David Lemieux

    Remember that you are now required to buy OS X through the app store. Meaning you have to pay for every byte being downloaded. It would be hard for Apple to put useless bits in the OS at this point.

  4. $330AShareMakesMeWeep>8.-.(..

    Good riddance to useless crap.  I never quite saw the point of a welcome video when it already takes too long to install the OS, but hey, that’s just me.

  5. Stefan Oetter

    As an Apple Reseller having to see that video 6 times a day in configuring computers….good riddance!

  6. Jinsu

    Ok, so everything mentioned in the article is EXACTLY the same for me right now running Snow on an MBA.  Muti-touch on the trackpad, no welcome vid.  Tell me what’s new for me.

  7. Ross

    Since this OS update is for existing 10.6 systems via App Store purchase, it is probably because they have already seen the “Welcome” video and do not need to watch it. Accounts are already configured, etc. The only users who wouldn’t have seen it are new hardware purchases which ship with 10.7, in which the video might be there for first boot.

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