Blackberry users would rather choose the iPhone as their next phone [Study]

A study was released this week by Crowd Science that showed nearly 40% of Blackberry users would quite happily switch and move over to Apple’s iPhone. Crowd Science also reported that,

Asked specifically if they’d swap their present phone for Google’s new Android-based Nexus One, 32% of Blackberry users said “yes,” compared with just 9% of iPhone users. This figure zoomed to 60% for users of smartphones not made by Blackberry or Apple.

“These results show that the restlessness of Blackberry users with their current brand hasn’t just been driven by the allure of iPhone,” said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science. “Rather, Blackberry as a brand just isn’t garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems.

Other results included,

Android users skew younger and less affluent than iPhone and Blackberry users. Users of all types of smartphones had downloaded more free applications than paid ones during the preceding seven days, with iPhone users significantly more likely to pay for apps, Android users leading in free apps, and Blackberry users far behind on both fronts. Both Android users and iPhone users were found much more likely than Blackberry users to use their phones only for personal use (32%, 28% and 16% respectively). On the other hand, 7% of Blackberry users use their phone only for business, with that category of user minimal with iPhone (1%) and non-existent in the Android base.

More good news in the report for Apple followed, around 90% of their users said they would quite happily stick to the iPhone when they bought their next phone. Apple Insider stated that the study also showed 97% of iPhone users would recommend the product to their friends and 52% of Blackberry users would also recommend the iPhone to friends.

For the survey Crowd Science used 1,140 respondents recruited randomly by the Crowd Science Sample Beta Program. The majority (44%) of the respondents used a regular phone and not a smart phone, other users represented 17% iPhone users, 15% Blackberry, 10% Nokia, 4% Windows Mobile, 3% Android and 2% Palm.
These results must be a great pleasure for Apple to read and Im sure they will be very satisfied with this survey that confirms that they are indeed going the right way in dominating the mobile world.

What phone would you switch to next and why?


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