Ballistic Tough Jacket Review Ultimate Shock Resistant Case for iPad 2

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Ballistic Case Review

The Ballistic Tough Jacket case for iPad 2 is a tough shock resistant case with a sleek look. It has a certain rugged appearance that reassures you that it is going to be able to stand up to some punishment without being an eye sore. A practical case for almost any type of use.

The Tough Jacket really impressed me with its protection. There are three layers of protection of this bad boy! The inner most layer is silicone to aid with shock. The next layer is an impact resistant hard plastic layer. Only to be followed by a yet another layer of shock absorbing polymer material. Overkill, you ask? Absolutely not when considering that you are protecting a $500 item at its lowest price.

I found this iPad accessory incredibly useful and it isn’t just because I have a young child. Clumsily grabbing my iPad when I get up in the morning at 5:30AM sometimes results in a tumble. The Tough Jacket easily handles short tumbles with no damage to the iPad whatsoever. I wouldn’t recommend you toss your iPad around but this case can handle it. Also at a price of $69.99, it is cheaper than most tough cases and looks awesome.

The appearance of this Tough Jacket is what shines through almost as much as its durability. From the moment you set eyes on this accessory you’ll love the sleek yet protective design. I felt like the case made other cases of the Tough Jacket type pale in comparison. I was graciously provided with the Red and Black version of the Tough Jacket and was impressed as soon as i got it out of the box. The combination of silicone layer provides a great grip while absorbing shock and the plastic layer gives you the sturdiness you expect with such a case.

The practicality of the case only further proves the point that this case really seeks full protection of your iPad. I’ve listed the case that surrounds the back half of the iPad but there is also a front cover. The front cover is something i usually have mixed emotions about. I always ask myself, what do i do with it when i’m not using it? This one secures itself to the back portion of the case and even has a sweet kickstand to put the iPad on full display. All while leaving every port accessible. The raised corners also keep the iPad from ever touching any surface for yet another layer of protection.

Overall I am really impressed with the case and would highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a tough yet highly aesthetic case for their iPad. The case can be purchased from here for $69.99.

[rating: 4.5/5]

What we like:

  • Highly Protective
  • Awesome Look
  • Leaves all ports accessible
  • Kickstand

What to know:

  • Not waterproof but it doesn’t claim to be


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