AT&T Announces Holiday Quarter Earnings, Activated 8.6 Million iPhones in the Quarter

ATT Best ever iPhone sales

ATT Best ever iPhone sales

Earlier in the week, Verizon announced its Q4 2012 earnings results and reported that it had activated over 6.4 million iPhones in the quarter. On Thursday, AT&T announced its earnings for the holiday quarter, reporting that it had activated 8.6 million iPhones and sold a total of 10.2 million smartphones.

This means that Apple’s iPhone consisted of approximately 84% of AT&T’s total smartphone sales. With this new record, AT&T surpassed its previous sales record in 2011, when it activated 9.4 million smartphones and 7.6 million iPhones, which comes out to about 80% of the total sales.

Despite Apple’s recent decline in stock price and shareholder concerns about the company’s growth, the iPhone appears to be doing very well, with two of the four major carriers in the United States announcing successful quarters, led by the iPhone. AT&T did clarify that the 8.6 million iPhones were activations, and the 10.2 were total sales in order to tell the public that the calculations were averages and may not be exact.

{Via MacRumors}


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